Brian was perfectly on time for the appointment and presented himself very well. He conducted the inspection of the units and when he encountered something he thought I should be aware of he stopped and explained what I needed to know. Brian also answered all of my questions in what I thought was a very honest and professional way. Because he took the time to inform me along the way I was comfortable with the reason that additional work was needed. When asked for his opinion/recommendation he was great with giving me the options and then what he thought was best and why. I never felt like he was selling, just informing me. I don’t know enough about my home mechanicals to be dangerous, but I am sure I have a company I trust now. I have had my AC units inspected and cleaned by a number of other companies over the years as well as a friend who is in the industry. But never has anyone opened up the outdoor unity and cleaned and inspected it as Brian did…I didn’t even know you were to do anything more than hose the thing down. Per my comments, no other company has inspired loyalty, so I have not been loyal to one. That changed today – I signed a service agreement and will have them out again for furnace clean and check when the weather turns. It often turns on the company representative who spends time with you and Brian was OUTSTANDING!