I Would Recommend to my Neighbors!

For most of the years that I have owned a home, it has been my experience that having a maintenance agreement for my furnace/air conditioner is well worth the cost. For example, in my last home which I had built in 1993 I had a maintenance agreement which provided for a checkup every fall and spring and they made whatever adjustments were needed. When I sold the home in 2009 the original furnace/air conditioner was still in good operating condition and will likely perform well for several more years. I moved into my new home in 2009 and I was prompted to write this recommendation because the technician at Plumbing Heating Paramedics was just here to do my spring checkup and he was very thorough and explained what he was doing and how it would enable my equipment to run more efficiently and to last longer. I have recommended the company to each of my neighbors because I am certain that they will be as satisfied as I am.