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Plumbing Heating Paramedics, a plumbing & heating company, is not only your emergency responder; we’re also experts in new installation.  Our Paramedics are certified, licensed technicians, backed by years of experience in the plumbing and heating industry.  PHP also backs every new installation with its 100% satisfaction guarantee.  For the best service and price, call PHP today at 317-456-0177.

New Furnace, installed, starting @ $49/Month! With $0 Down and 0% Financing available, if qualified.

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A modern heating system should offer total comfort for your home and your family, and help you save money every month on your utility bills.

Let Plumbing Heating Paramedics show you how you ensure that your heating is at a comfortable, even temperature, and how you can zone the heating to meet your needs.  Only want to heat part of your home on some days?   Plumbing Heating Paramedics can give you that control.  And, EVERY system comes with our Home Comfort Service Agreement program which will allow your system to operate properly for years to come.


You’ve made a significant investment in your heating system, so it’s important that you’re getting the most out of it.  If it’s 10-years-old, or older, chances are you are spending more money than you should be every month to keep it running.  Today’s furnaces and thermostats are designed to not only to save you money by lowering your utility bills, but also to provide you with the most comfort, using the least amount of energy.

Also, the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credits of 2009-2010 have been extended through 2011, with modifications. The most significant change to this law reduces the cap from $1500 to $500. This cap is the total amount of credits a homeowner may claim between 2006 and 2011, not just in 2011.Read the full tax deduction chart here. We realize that tax information can be a little confusing so contact Plumbing Heating Paramedics for a complete overview of your options. Also we can help you with local utility rebates as well.

Even if you are not ready to invest in a new heating system, it is wise to do your homework in advance.  Call PHP to schedule your FREE in-home evaluation, so that when the day comes that you need a new system, you will know which one is best fitted for you, both operationally and financially. Schedule your FREE evaluation today by calling PHP at 317-456-0177.


Plumbing Heating Paramedics is committed to making your satisfaction our number one priority.  In fact, we confidently make this pledge to every customer:  If you are not completely satisfied, PHP offers 100% of your money back.

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Fishers HVAC

Fishers HVAC

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