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Fishers HVAC

Being energy efficient not only translates into helping the environment, it can have a huge impact on your monthly budget. The best way to lower your utility bill begins at the source, which is your equipment.  The benefits of having energy efficiency include:

LOWER MONTHLY COSTS: A more energy efficient system will have lower running costs, and save you a significant money on energy.

ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY: Since electricity-generation often creates considerable carbon dioxide emission and pollution, lower energy usage benefits the environment.

FEDERAL TAX CREDITS: The Federal Government offers a variety of tax credits for energy efficient equipment and installations. The Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credits of 2009-2010 have been extended through 2011, with modifications. The most significant change to this law reduces the cap from $1500 to $500. This cap is the total amount of credits a homeowner may claim between 2006 and 2011, not just in 2011. Read the full tax deduction chart here. We realize that tax information can be a little confusing so contact Plumbing Heating Paramedics for a complete overview of your options. Also we can help you with local utility rebates as well.

Finally, to get the most out of your equipment, that you choose the most qualified technicians to install it.  The Paramedics at PHP are certified, licensed, and some of the most experienced in the business.  That’s just one reason why Plumbing Heating Paramedics, an Fishers HVAC company, confidently offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every job we perform.

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Fishers HVAC

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